DISCLAIMER: Zenza Capital Holdings Co, Ltd. does not sell or solicit any offer to buy any cryptocurrencies, securities or convertible bond debt instruments in Japan or any other country. All references to any cryptocurrency are for informational and educational purposes only.

About Us

Zenza Capital is a closely held investment group that primarily invests in precious metals, stocks, stock options, warrants and profit-sharing certificates issued by blue-chip corporations in Europe, North America and the Asian-Pacific region. We also participate in a variety of acquisitions, such as intellectual property, proprietary product formulations, computer software technology and international real estate acquisitions.

We target majority or minority investments in attractive opportunities, businesses and industries. We have built our firm on a foundation of intellectual and financial capital with a goal of achieving successful long-term growth.

Our goals are achieved by maintaining disciplined fundamentals, while also identifying and creating value through a variety of growth strategies, operational improvements and capital structure enhancements. Additionally, our strategy is not limited by traditional private equity time horizons, which enables Zenza Capital to maintain strong partnerships and greater capital flexibility.

Our Focus


Maintaining trust and reputation is essential, which is why our team at Zenza Capital is built on a foundation of integrity, respect and transparency.


We execute all projects with skill and efficiency, implementing new initiatives and delivering on our commitments for long-term successful relationships.


We develop and maintain strong partnerships with exceptionally talented people - from an ambitious management team to collaborative and diverse groups of investors in an atmosphere which rewards initiative, commitment and integrity.


Our role includes exceptional consulting support and assistance in capitalizing on different industries, business situations and economic climates.

Our Philosophy

Zenza Capital's philosophy emphasizes partnership, innovation, efficiency and growth. Through maintaining disciplined business fundamentals and proven management teams, we enable our portfolios to increase in profitability, rapid growth and maximum value.

Our investment decisions are developed through extensive and diligent analysis, along with comprehensive consultation with industry leaders and experts.